Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Once in a Blue Moon........

As the New Year falls upon us, so does the Blue Moon.

It's not every day we we have these sweet, simple, yet powerful opportunities to pause and recognize something bigger than us.......
It's also not ever day that we choose to devout a sunday after noon to paying homage to our feet!
That's right...I said FEET!!

But the times they are a changin'...

So, on January 24th, from 1-3:30pm I invite you to join us and pay your respects to that lovely pair down there and pamper away.

We will be soaking our toes in Organic Bath Salts from the NAYA line + creating a mini take home scrub/salt of your own. Designed just for your liking with a plethora of scents and herbs to choose from like Organic peppermint, grapefruit, bergamot, sandalwood, lavender, orange peel and so on.

After soaking and creating, the fabulous SF Yoga Teacher, KK Ledford, will be leading us through a 'foot focused' yoga session.

In yoga our feet are our roots and the base of our alignment, so we will get in touch and feel the benefits threw out the rest of our spine.

For more details or to join the email list, email me!

much peace, as always....

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